Here you will find information about the many facets of my family however complicated. I will do my best , to do each family justice, but I know that there are a lot of holes and mistakes, so this will be a work in progress. If you have any information about any part of our family feel free to email me and I will gladly update my information. My Goal is to try and get a complete history of the different branches of our family and go as far back as I can, but I definitely need the help of all of you to complete this. So I implore you for your help and please send me any information no matter now small. Every little bit will help

- Justin Contursi -

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I was recently introduced to Geni through facebook and I have to say I love this program. It's easy to compile a family tree rather quickly as well as get other family members involved to complete your tree. If you want to see a more comprehensive look at my family lineage click the link above. Below you will find an overview of my family history. If you are just checking my site out and not related I highly suggest you take a look at this site and get your family tree started today.

theCONTURSI'S: (my father, joseph contursi’s side of the family)


blood line

Tomaso Contursi

Lucia Contursi

Luigi Contursi

 Luigi Contursi
 Guiseppe Contursi
  Caroline Contursi (Panessa)
  Louis Contursi
  Rosie Contursi (Kardas)
  Margaret Contursi

  Thomas Louis Contursi Sr.
   Thomas Louis Contursi Jr.
   Joseph Anthony Contursi
    Justin Thomas Contursi
     Aiden Joseph Contursi
    Amy Mary Contursi

  Steve Contursi Sr.
   Steve Contursi Jr.
   Maria Contursi
   Bobby Contursi
    Karen Contursi
    Lisa Contursi


thePANESSA'S: (my aunt, caroline contursi’s side of the family)

Tony Panessa

Grace Panessa
Mike Rodak

Joseph Panessa
Jodeen Panessa
 Anthony Panessa
 Nicholas Panessa
 Danielle Panessa

Donald Panessa

Holly Robison
 Noelle Panessa

Diane Panessa

theKARDAS'S: (my aunt, rose contursi’s side of the family)

Leonard Kardas

Stanley Kardas
Karen Kardas
 Eric Kardas
 Sara Kardas
 Katie Kardas
Annie Kardas
Peter Otten
 Amanda Otten
theCOLLUCIO'S: (my grandmother, mary coluccio’s side of the family)
Maria Ferranti
Vito Donato Colacicco
 Francesco (Frank) Coluccio
 Patsy Colucci
Donato Antonia Panessa
Grazzella Eramo
 Coletta Panessa
 Minnie Panessa
 Tony Panessa
Francesco (Frank) Coluccio & Coletta Panessa (Descendants)

Pat Coluccio
Jean Brophy

Bobby Coluccio

David Coluccio
Kim Coluccio
 Hayley Coluccio
 Colby Coluccio

Steve Coluccio
Cathy Acer
 Tommy Coluccio
 Micheal Coluccio

Danny Coluccio
Vicki Pizzarelli

George Coluccio,
Shelly Coluccio

Arnie Coluccio

Wayne Coluccio
Annette Coluccio
 Wayne Coluccio Jr.
 Chance Coluccio
 Zachery Coluccio

Frankie Coluccio
Joan Ackert

Francis Coluccio (Walsh)

Mary Magdaline Coluccio (Contursi)

Gracie Coluccio (Legname)

Tony Coluccio
Angie Uva

Donna Bettz
Kip Bettz
 Robert Bettz

Anthony Coluccio
Donna Leavy
 Mia Coluccio
 Gina Coluccio

Micheal Coluccio Sr.

Debbie Ignaffo
 Micheal Coluccio/Ignaffo Jr.

Linda Coluccio
 Sean Coluccio

Danny Coluccio (2)
Sue Calcutti
 Shelby Coluccio

Frankie Coluccio (2)
Mickey Coluccio
 Katie Coluccio

 Paul Coluccio,
 Krissy Coluccio

 Michelle Coluccio
 Michael Mazzetti
  Chole Mazzetti

Ronnie Coluccio
Lisa Coluccio
 Tanner Coluccio
 Christopher Coluccio

 theWALSH'S: (my aunt, francis coluccio’s side of the family)

Thomas Walsh Jr.

Thomas Carlon
Colleen Walsh
 Alisha Carlon
 Christopher Carlon
Thomas Walsh Jr. (2)
Sue Ellen Walsh
 Kyle Walsh
 Kelly Walsh
 Andrea Walsh
 theLEGNAME'S: (my aunt, gracie coluccio’s side of the family)

Salvatore Legname Sr.

Salvatore Legname Jr.

Linda Sweeney
 Chrissie Legname

Laurie Stahli
 Salvatore Legname Jr. (2)
 Nicholas Legname

Allen Legname Sr.

Lori Sleight
 Allen Legname Jr.

Lisa Legname

Patsy Colucci & Minnie Panessa (Descendants)

Donald Colucci
Marie Colucci (2)
 Nicholas Colucci

 Bruce Colucci

 Danny Colucci
 Becky Colucci
  Nichole Colucci

Marie Colucci (Richard)
 theRICHARD's: (my cousin, marie coluccio’sside of the family)
John Charles Richard Jim Mack
Lisa Richard
 Erin Mack
 Jim Mack Jr.
 John Mack
 Kerry Mack

John Paul Richard

Chris Richard
Cathy Richard
 Albert Richard

Fred Rizzi
Renee Richard

 Annie Rizzi
 Andy McCaffrey
  Leo Fortinato McCaffrey
  Jack Richard McCaffrey
  Emilia Kate McCaffrey

 Katie Rizzi
 Peter Rizzi

Mark Richard

Cathy Richard
 Mark Richard Jr.
 Zachary Richard
 Daniel Richard

Tammy Richard
 Deminica Richard
 Meghan Richard

theBECHARD'S: (my mom, geraldine bechard’s side of the family)

Alphonse Bechard
Jenette Bechard

 Wilfred Bechard

John Hayden
Jennette Hayden
 Bertha Hayden

Wilfred Bechard Jr
Linda Davis

 Joe Bechard
 Albert Bechard
  Brooke Bechard

 Audra Bechard
 Anthony Diaz
  Staci Diaz

Robert Keehler
 Bob Bechard
 Gordene Bechard

  Robbie Bechard
  Tara Bechard
   Tyler Bechard
   Giana Bechard

Patrick Bechard

Thomas Bechard
Catherine Ghandt

Geraldine Mary Bechard (Contursi)

Debbie Bechard

theAHREN'S: (my wife, christine ahren's side of the family)

Richard William Ahrens
Linda Marie Aubrey

William Cushing
Jackie Cushing

Andrea Lynn Ahrens
Stephen Cushing

 Stephen William Cushing
 Matthew Richard Cushing
 Kevin Taggart Cushing

Christine Marie Ahrens (Contursi)

Richie Aubrey Ahren

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