Just when I thought I was finally getting the hang of this father thing Me & Christine have been blessed and shocked with the news that we are expectring twins in November 2012. We are sort of new parents again as we approach the challenges and joys of having twins. Baby A & Baby B (as they aare called) are doing well in Mommy's womb and we know more then anything they will never be without love as we all have that in abundance. As with Aiden I wanted to document their development, so again I have created a page to showcase there achievements, milestones, and photos.

For those that already don't know. Me & Christine had Our First Child Aiden back on February 9th 2006 It has been the greatest achievement and time in my life. In fear that I might forget all these special moments and times we've shared I decided to make a page dedicated to the development of Aiden. Here you will find pictures, and other related items as they occur, as well as special moments and events in Aiden's Life.

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I was born in Hyde Park, a little town in northeastern New York, where I lived with my Mom, Dad and younger sister. I attended grade school at North Park Elementary School, and it's here that I gained my first interest in art. Having participated in art exhibits and having one of my paintings on display for many years after I left the school. At Haviland Junior High School, I began to consider art as a profession. As a result of my interest and grades, I was chosen for a new art acceleration program, where students were allowed to take high school level art courses, while still in junior high. Moving on to Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, I became interested in drawing and electronic computer imaging. My high school career also gave me a well rounded artistic background, getting me involved in everything from painting, computer drawing, design to sculpture. I have returned to high school on numerous occasions as a guest lecturer in several art classes. I applied to and was accepted at the State University of New York at Oswego , where I majored in the Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Here I was given the exposures necessary to assist me in becoming a well rounded artist. These experiences were in such areas as: typography, design, drawing, computer maintenance, and my future career choice: multimedia. I became interested in multimedia after taking a required introduction class. I saw the endless possibilities that this medium had to offer. I took two internships and developed my very own Interactive Portfolio CD-ROM. I was so interested in the field of multimedia, that I audited classes and substituted as an instructor. I also taught a six week seminar to high school technology teachers. I graduated in 1996, Magna Cum Laude and have been working in the graphics field since then, gaining varied and valuable experiences including: page layout, presentations, CD-ROM development, web layout and design. Besides my interest in art, I am also involved in many other things. I have always been a jock of sorts, playing Little League Baseball, and CYO basketball. I also participated in baseball, cross-country running, track and basketball, throughout my junior and high school career. Athleticism is still a vital part of who I am. The participating in the game of baseball consumes me. I also enjoy running and weight training. When not doing these activities, I usually listen to music, another passion of mine. Although I've been told I'm tone deaf, I still appreciate a wide variety of musical tastes.


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